Meet The Bodi Tribe Where Having Pot Belly Makes A Man Handsome And Attractive To Ladies NEWS

Meet The Bodi Tribe Where Having Pot Belly Makes A Man Handsome And Attractive To Ladies

WEIRD! ! ! Meet The Bodi Tribe Where Having Pot Belly Makes A Man Handsome And Attractive To Ladies

As we move around the world, we are surprised by the different customs and traditions we see. What works for one group of people is entirely an abomination and weird to another group of individuals. In many parts of the world, having a pot belly is seen as an unhealthy living and you can see many men going to the gym to loose belly fat but this is not the case for the Bodi tribe of Ethiopia.

Arguably and undoubtedly, we can say that Ethiopia is one of the countries that have weird and unbelievable traditions. from lip plates to considering pot belly men’ s as handsome and attractive.


The men of the Bodi tribe actually engage in competition with each other to determine who has the biggest pot belly. They also consume blood and milk to enhance and expand the size of their tummy. In the Bodi tribe, it is revealed that women considered pot bellied man as handsome and attractive. The bigger the belly, the more handsome and attractive he is. This is a very weird and unbelievable culture.


Imagine your reaction when you find yourself a tribe where big belly is definitely considered as being beautiful and handsome. You are welcome to the Ethiopian Bodi tribe where men compete to be the fattest in the village by having big belly and also consuming a concoction of blood and milk while staying and living in isolation for about six good months. Have you ever considered that variety is indeed the spice of life?


Thin might be the big deal elsewhere but for Ethiopia’ s Bodi or Me’ en tribe, they considered it as the bigger the better. The Bodi individuals live in a remote corner of Ethiopia’ s Omo Valley and is home to young men who do all it takes to be crowned as the most fattest man. Detailed here is how it works. Young men are being selected and fed with special meals and concoction for six months and after that, they are to come out and display their newly engorged physiques and to be considered as the winner, the champion who has the biggest fat belly is then declared as a hero for the rest of his life.


Becoming a fat belly man is the dream of every Bodi kid because he will remain as a hero for life even though his stomach happens to get back to normal.


What surprising or weird culture do you have in your tribe?

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